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Crappie fishing - Vy and Montien

I called in today this evening to check it out first thing in the morning wish me luck! :) For the last few weeks the crappie fishing has been hit and miss with the fish moving in and out of the spawning areas depending on the weather. The average size has been especially large this year with fish over 14" coming in regularly! It takes a lot to really get me excited over crappie.. I usually wait to start my season with bluegill and bass in late may.. but the size and quality of this years fish have got me to the lake early this year. I am fortunate in that i know enough retired fisherman to maintain an up to the minute almost picture of the crappie fishing conditions in the local lakes and streams :) This blog is my experiment to see if I can extend that network with electronic means.

My crappie fishing experience on facebook and twitter..

Crappie fishing - Vy

I have been experiencing technical difficulty for the past few weeks. My intent with this blog is to create a central location to put my trip reports pictures from all my fishing trips and connect with facebook and twitter. Hopefully I will be able to update everything via cellphone and email.. at least that is my plan :) Now if I can only get my software and camera to cooperate I'll be all set!

Today's crappie fishing trip will..

be my first attempt at updating every thing in real time.. from the lake! I will have to rely on my cellphone for video and pics as my camera is over exposing everything and I still need to figure out how to get video from my camcorder to my computer. :( Hoopefull by weeks end these problems will be solved.

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Night fishing has been responsible for some of my most memorable fishing trips..

but as exciting as it is night fishing can be hard on your nerves :) Imagine what otherwise would have been an average trip to the local pond or reservoir for a few small bass. It's 2am on a moonless night in July and your fishing a topwater crankbait. A small bass literally comes out of the water just missing your black jitterbug and you set the hook prematurely sending the bait sailing past your head narrowly missing our left ear. night fishing crankbait - jitterbugOn the very next cast the same thing happens but this time you remember the fish can't see very well ether and are hunting by sound so even though the bass misses you bait entirely you have the presence of mind to not immediately rip the plug away from the fish. The fish has missed twice and just as you start your plug from the water for a third cast the water explodes right at your feet as the bass has followed the bait all the way back to your boat! As you land the 2 pound fish and try to regain your composure you remember why you love night fishing so much!

Lures for night fishing are very similar to what you would use during daylight hours..

my favourites can be fished topwater and make noise.. buzzbaits, large popping bugs, topwater crankbaits like the zarra spook or jitterbug for shallow water. For night fishing in deeper water I like plastic worms and large jigs. night fishing Although it seems counter intuitive.. it has been my experience that very dark colors work best.. my favourites being black and dark purple with motor oil coming in a close third. The dark colors work well for night fishing because the fish are not hunting by sight but by sound and vibration. When they are aggressive they will come from a long way off to investigate a loud erratic topwater crankbait or buzz bait. Less aggressive fish are feeding by vibration.. most fish have a very sensitive lateral line which can detect very subtle pressure waves in the water.. and will have no problem homing in on your plastic worm even in zero visibility!

My favourite techniques for night fishing are..

very similar to what I do in the day time. I like to use loud erratic baits like topwater plugs and buzz baits in shallow water or spinner baits in deeper water to find the fish. Then I will cover the area more carefully with a more subtle bait like a worm or jig to catch the larger fish. I hope this article brings night fishing to the attention of a few people who haven't tried it. I have always been a night person anyway so I take to night fishing easily. I know it is a bit more work for some but its worth the extra effort.

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Most of us started our fishing career with live panfish bait and some sort of sunfish.

panfish baitMy first fish was a 6 inch largemouth bass caught on a nightcrawler. Panfish bait comes in all shapes and sizes.. from grub's like wax worms, meal worms, and euro larva (a European fly larva) to worms like nightcrawlers, redworms and garden worms. to live adult insects like crickets and grasshoppers. Leeches make great panfish bait for any species. They are well known for catching monster walleye in Northern lakes and reservoirs. Minnows are great for all but the smallest panfish and are the primary live bait used for crappie.

There are numerous ways to fish live panfish baits.

The most common is to simply suspend the bait beneath a float or bobber. A good rule of thumb to use when picking a float is to use a size that will only just support the weight of the bait.. making the slightest bite apparent. The stick type slip floats will make a soft strike more noticeable as well. The bigger fish will usually hit much softer then the small ones.. so you have to pay close attention.

The next most conmen way to fish live bait is to simply weight the bait and fish on the bottom. This is most effective in shallow water for sunfish or in deeper areas for catfish.
Drift fishing is by far my favourite way to fish a live panfish bait in moving water. The trick here is to use just enough weight to keep the bait near the bottom without snagging on rock, limbs, or plant growing on the stream bed. Some of the largest trout have come from drifting a night crawler under an undercut bank early in the season!

The next trick is keeping live panfish bait alive!

Night crawlers and other worms keep very well for a long time in a box of dirt mixed with a little peat moss in the refrigerator. Just remember pull any dead ones out and change the dirt every month or so in the winter. Most grubs or fly larvae will keep pretty well in the refrigerator to.

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Welcome to my blog dedicated to fishing small waters for panfish.

When I don't have enough time to to take a real fishing vacation I can be on a small creek pond or river in a few minutes. Most of the time you have these waters to your self which is a real bonus as well! I prefer to use the lightest tackle possible which  is well suited to panfish.

Ultralight baits lures and flies for panfish are usually cheap or easily made.

panfishI prefer fly fishing when possible and small foam spiders or popping bugs work well early and late in the day for bluegills and redear sunfish. When the sun is higher the fish are usually deeper and a wet nymph like a hair's ear work best for me. When using ultra light spinning tackle I like to use small plastic grubs like the beetle spin or small marabou jigs (with or without a small spinner). In-line spinners like the mepps work well and usually produce larger fish as well. Live bait like  crickets red worms or night crawlers and minnows for larger panfish.

Some of my fondest childhood memory's involve catching panfish

from small streams in the Midwest or Colorado. Tiny creeks are everywhere in Colorado.. all are full of trout :) Small creeks in Kansas Missouri and Arkansas have plenty of panfish like sunfish small catfish and my personal favourite small mouth bass!

Fishing for panfish is a great way to introduce a kid to fishing (or anyone else for that matter). They are great fun on lite tackle and panfish make some of the best table fair of any freshwater fish. If you ask 100 fishermen the best way to cook panfish you will likely get 150 different recipes! Because they are often so close to home.. and so much fun every fisherman should keep panfish in mind next time they have an hour to kill.

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